Vshakha Nakshatra Female

  • Vishaka nakshatra is positioned 16th out of a total of 27 nakshatras according to vedic hindu astrological beliefs. Lord Indra is the governing deity of Vishaka nakshatra. The last quarter or pada of this nakshatra falls under the zodiac sign of Scorpio, while the first three falls under the sign of Libra. Since Vishaka nakshatras bridges between the signs of Libra and Scorpio, it represents new initiatives and transformations in life. Natives of this have an amazing way of living their lives and this depends on which pada moon is present in the birth chart. On the Scorpio side native will be secretive and intense, while on the Libra side native will be social and extrovert.

    Triumphal archway is the symbol of Vishaka nakshatra and it indicates celebration after attaining triumph and the success wheel represents ceaseless movement and transformation that a person has to undergo and the patience they need to possess in order to move ahead in their life. The tiger is the animal symbol of Vishaka nakshatra. It is ruled by the planetary forces of Jupiter.

    Since the first letter of a name also produces a vibration, so according to Vedas it is advisable to name the new born with a starting letter that creates harmony between the human and the universe, in order to give all the happiness and prosperity to the person which is mentioned in the birth chart. Name of a Vishaka nakshatra native must start with one of these as their first letter, Ti, Tu, Te, To.

    Basic Information About Vishaka Nakshatra

    Indra and Agni are the rulers of Vishaka nakshatra which symbolizes position, power and authority. And therefore this nakshatra possesses similar traits as of their ruling forces. This nakshatra is well known for signifying motive. Poison vessel, branched or forked are some of its other meanings . One of its other meanings is “Radha” which represents delightfulness and also it happens to be the name of lord Krishna’s love interest. People born in Vishaka nakshatra have honest and unrestricted love for everybody. They also own abundance of wealth in their life.

    Basic Characteristics Of Natives Of Vishaka Nakshatra