Right Eye Blinking Astrology Meaning

  • Would you think something as ordinary as eye twitching can be linked to some superstitions or omens? The eyes ' unconscious movement in which they collapse into a repeated spasm may seem innocuous but it is connected to a lot of beliefs. Your jumping eyes might tell you a lot more than you can imagine.

    You may find it surprising, but eye twitching superstition is not just about India. In other parts of the world, it is similarly believed and observed. While mild and harmless, at times it can be very bothersome. The twitching occurs on its own most of the time, and may not last long, but there is always a sense behind it.


    The eye twitching can be used as a tool for predicting the future, according to Vedic Indian astrology. The prediction varies in terms of gender and eye orientation. Our results differ in the twitching of the right or the left eye. Nevertheless, it is independent of the time of day, in Indian astrology.

     your body keeps offering you some hint of what will be good in your life, and when it will be bad. In which you used certain different signs of your organs. Some signs of opening the left eye and blinking the right eye are for example hidden. Of these, women have different signs and men are separate.

    Human beings are so aware of such a unique power that we can even predict the movements that come upon us. That our body shows according to its different organs, such as the blinking of the eye, the blinking of the eye, the blinking of the right eye, the blinking of both eyes simultaneously, the corner of the nose, the feeling of blinking in the throat.


    Men's right eye twitching is considered auspicious. Men can hear good news concerning their careers. This refers to good fortune and to a good future.


    For Female,the case is almost opposite. The same twitching eye in a woman's life will carry a bad omen.  Women may be likely to hear the bad news about their professional life. At different fronts in their lives, they will face different problems.

    In some cultures, it is assumed that twitching the eyes would bring good luck and prosperity. It is assumed that the jerking is a good sign, and may carry some good news or monetary gain. For instance, jerking of the lower eyelid is thought to be too pleasant.



    If there is twitching of the left eye for men, then you will be doing hard work and there will be a difficult time in your life and career. Left eye blinking is not a very good indicator for Males.


     Twitching of a female's left eye is a sign of hopeful sign in your life. You can hear some good news from some relatives. There will be peace and happiness in the family.



    The meaning of the jumping eye can also change with the change in timings. According to this idea: If the right eye twits between in the morning time period of 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM, you can receive an invitation.

    The same twitching between 5:00 PM to 6:00 AM signals a tragedy.

    A few other people, however, claim lower eyelid jerking suggests sobbing. The jerking of the above eyelid shows that you will face any guest anytime soon, and the guest will have a unique place in your life.

    In some cultures, the blinking of the right eye is associated with the death of some nearby family members.

    Also, according to a belief system, the twitching of the right eye is alarming. It is an indication that someone is praising you or you may get to hear some pleasure able news. It is an indication of an encounter with an unexpected person.

    The twitching of the eye is a normal process; it is brief, and gradually fades away. It does not require proper care and diet, though there are periods when it will last longer. If the twitching lasts long it may be worth taking care of. The twitching may be a symptom of a neurological condition.

    The excessive twitching of the eyes can be associated with extreme fatigue, unsuitable sleep and longer periods of work on the phone. Maybe you need a pair of glasses.

    Seeing a doctor is necessary if: The right eye twitching occurs for more than 3 days.