Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga In Astrology

  •  Neecha Bhanga Raj Yoga is said to be one of the most important yoga in astrology. If the person has this raj yoga in his natal chart, he owns mastery, success, powerfulness, and virtuousness. The effects of the weakened planets are negative and in turn, it makes the person strongly willed. This negative experience given by weak or malefic planet sculptures the person and his energy in a proper direction, and it helps him to gain success. The word itself has two split words. Neecha Bhanga means cancellation of debilitation and Raj yoga means a combo of victory and power.

     Neecha Graha is the situation of any planet in its debilitated sign. When the malefic impact is reduced due to the planetary alignment, and the weakness of Neecha Graha is negated, then this situation is called as Neech Bhanga Raj Yoga.


    The Effects Of Neecha Bhanga Rajayoga

     The effects of Neecha planets are felt often during the dasha period and sub-Dasa period. Since the planets show their power in their tine period the Dasa period of the particular Neecha planet remains dangerous for the native. On the contrary, when the Neecha planet forms into raja yoga, a particular dasha period will become beneficial and useful.

    Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga provides one with Fame, Property, and Control usually. But all the said prosperities will be used by the native only in the next half of life particularly after the age 36 corresponding to the age at the yoga developing dasha, sub-period and transits take place in one’s chart. This typical nature is attributed to this Yoga because the planet who create Neecha Bhanga Rajayoga is subjected to debilitation first and then attains the cancellation. Likewise, the native's life too would suffer adversities in the initial part of life and then will start excelling.

      Earning from multiple sources and earning a good reputation from a vast number of peoples and various communities along with holding a good image is the result of this Yoga. One will be admired within his/her personal, professional and social circles. Whatever they do brings a good reputation for them and people usually like them for what they are. They will gather huge property and start producing many sources of income once the Rajayoga is in operation. They will also hold power in life. The native will be holding power over many people once this Yoga is operational.