No Marriage Yoga In Astrology

  • No marriage yoga or unmarried yoga means that life without marriage in astrology. Here it is important to understand what marriage is exactly because every person might have their own judgment. 

    ‘A long or a short term relationship between a man and a woman which when converted into being a family is called marriage’. Here we are not talking about a lifelong relationship between a man and a woman without being converted into a family at all. According to astrologers, in this yoga, even if one manages to get married there will be a bound separation or death of a spouse and thus the person will live a life without marriage. 

    What Exactly ‘No Marriage Yoga’ Is?

    No marriage does not mean you will not find a partner all your life. This ‘no marriage yoga’ works a little differently from others. It simply means that you will never get to experience the happiness of marriage due to circumstances. These circumstances could be as follows: