Ketu- Saturn Yoga In 12 Sun Signs In Transit ( Part 1)

  • This article reveals how the Combination of Ketu and Shani affects individual until Jan 2020 especially related to children, health, or married life issues. Remedies are also mentioned for each Rashi. In part one, I have focused the first six signs only. Remaining sun signs will be discussed in part two of this article.

    We all know from March 07th Ketu transits in Sagittarius and Rahu in Gemini. Both are their exalted signs. We regard Rahu n Ketu as Natural malefic planets out of nine planets. They Spend 18 months in every sign during which they more often signify sudden and bad events in one's life In this article, we only focus on Effects of Ketu with Shani in Sagittarius till Jan2020, as Shani will remain in Sagittarius till Jan2020 and Ketu till Sep2020. 

    Saturn is too a natural malefic planet resulting in delay, hurdles, obstacles in an individual's life. This combination of astrology is known as 'Visphotak Yoga' or 'Explosion'. So we will try to draw some analysis that too in Sagittarius sign of lord Jupiter which itself present in initially in Dhanu now in Scorpio.

     Ketu Saturn Conjunction In Aries: