Second Marriage In Horoscope And Astrology

  • Second marriage has become a very common scenario since the last few years. Earlier, in our society, it was considered taboo. But, now that times have changed and so has the meaning of marriage. We can say that now people do not take marriages with any kind of obligation or boundation and they have finally learned the art of letting go. 

    However, only some people get to have a second marriage. Not everyone finds that person again. So, are there chances for you to have a second marriage? The answer to this question lies in your horoscope. The houses and the planetary positions on certain houses determine your chances of having a second marriage. The seventh house in a person’s horoscope is for relationships and marriages. Therefore, it is a crucial element in determining your second marriage. 

    Let’s learn more about which yogas in horoscope and astrology help you have second marriage:

    * If the 7th house or lord of the 7th house is occupied by these dual signs; Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces.

    * Rahu and the bad influence of the afflicted Venus in the 7th house increases the chances of many marriages in life.