Bridging the Gap with Dental Bridges in Houston

  • Dental bridges in Houston remain one of the best ways to replace a lost tooth. They are custom designed in a dental laboratory and are made from the finest materials. They are perfectly designed to fit the patient receiving it and only that patient. Doesn’t it feel good to know something was made specifically for you?

    Losing a Tooth

    Tooth loss can come from several different events. Everyone experiences losing teeth when they grow up as baby teeth are replaced with adult teeth. What’s much less common is losing a permanent adult tooth or prematurely losing a baby tooth due to decay, infection, or an accident.

    There are several factors that contribute to tooth loss.


    Decay is the most common reason for losing a tooth. Poor oral hygiene and a lack of vigilant care can cause bacteria to take over a tooth and decay it to a point where it becomes unusable.

    The pulp and dentin inside the tooth may become plagued by bacteria, causing pain and infections. A badly decayed tooth would most likely be extracted by a dentist. If known beforehand, the adjacent teeth can be prepared for a bridge the same day as the extraction.


    A severe blow to the head, especially near the mouth, can knock a tooth right out. If this happens, it is possible to reattach the lost tooth if it is found, kept clean, and preserved in milk until brought to an emergency dental care clinic. Naba Dental offers dental care for children in Houston, TX area. We provide a range of functional and cosmetic dental care for children and teens.

    If the tooth is not found or becomes damaged from the accident, a dental bridge can replace it.

    Infection and Medications

    Some diseases, infections, and medications can cause tooth loss. The mouth is a good indicator of health elsewhere in your body. For instance, it can actually provide some of the earliest clues regarding diabetes.

    If gum disease, a jawbone infection, certain diseases, and some medications are not monitored carefully, they can cause teeth to loosen and possibly fall out. Naba Dental is one of the top affordable dental clinics in Houston. We offer affordable dental service general dentistry, family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry at affordable price in houston.

    Custom Designed Just for You

    Dental bridges are not just some one size fits all remedy. Each bridge has to be custom made specifically for the patient. This is because every person’s teeth fit together a little bit differently. No two people will have exactly the same array of teeth.

    That means that a dental lab needs to have specific design instructions to fabricate a dental bridge in Houston.

    How do they do this? By using a mold of your mouth.

    A cast is taken of your mouth when you need dental implants to ensure the highest accuracy in their arrangement. The cast is created after teeth are prepped for a dental bridge so the lab can design the bridge exactly how it will need to fit.

    The lab then creates a mold that encompasses all of your teeth and how they fit together when your mouth is closed. Using this mold, they are able to create the false tooth and dental crown anchors by constantly ensuring they are designed to fit with your existing teeth.

    The process to create the best dental bridges in Houston can take a little while, which is why it takes a couple visits to get your dental bridge installed. Naba Dental offers you the best dental bridge procedure in Houston Texas. We specialize in a number of tooth replacement solutions, including complete fixed dental bridges.

    After the teeth are prepared, you will receive a temporary bridge that will protect the gums and filed teeth until the permanent bridge is completed. With proper care, a dental bridge can last more than 15 years.