How often to clean the ventilation ducts from grease

  • We suggest talking in more detail about what stages the cleaning process goes through and how to know that your ventilation system should already be cleaned of fat.

    Why you need to clean the air duct

      Surely there is no point in asking the question of where the fat comes from in the duct, if we are talking about the kitchens of catering outlets. In the process of cooking, fat, together with steam, rises into the ventilation system, and there, cooling down, settles on the inner surface of the air ducts. Every day, a new layer of fat is applied, such an environment becomes favorable for the attachment of dust particles and other contaminants.

      In rooms where food is not cooked, but only consumed, it is still easy for fat particles to get into the air duct - albeit not in such a large amount. So we come to the first conclusion: the question of how often the air duct should be  cleaned depends on what exactly happens in this room - production (then more often) or food consumption (then less often).

      Of the significant factors that have a direct impact on the frequency of cleaning, the area of ​​the room can be distinguished, therefore, the cost of performing the work is calculated based on the number of square meters.

      How to tell if you need immediate cleaning

      There are several sure signs, thanks to which you can guess about the poor condition of the ventilation system:

    • fat drips from the joints. This means that so much fat has accumulated that it already pollutes everything around. We admit right away: this degree of pollution is, in principle, unacceptable, it is necessary to deal with this issue much earlier.
    • ventilation pulls poorly. Cooking odors disappear slowly, mixing with each other, which means that pollution prevents the system from performing its direct functions.
    • serious contamination of filters in cleaning systems and their more frequent replacement. This entails additional costs.
    • “The smell of the kitchen” is constantly present in the room, although the food is cooked far enough away.

      As soon as you notice any of these indicators, you must immediately order a air vent cleaning Call our company, and we will appoint a specialist's departure as soon as possible. Our company provides air duct cleaning services for restaurants, canteens, cafes, banquet and trading halls, the premises of which are intended for cooking and foodstuffs. To carry out the work, we use the latest equipment with a high efficiency, observe all safety measures and respect for the property located in the premises.

      How is the air duct cleaned?

      Regardless of the building in which the work is supposed to be carried out, their sequence will almost always be standard. It consists of:

    1. Visual inspection. It is good if the air ducts have such a diameter and such a structure that you can look inside and see everything. But what if the diameter is small, but its design is florid and sinuous? Then the video inspection method (which is also used when cleaning the sewers ) will help  , when the camera launched inside, moving through the pipes, transmits an image in high resolution. With the help of the video, you can see all the problem areas and make a decision on the next stages.
    2. The choice of the cleaning method. In fact, there are several of them - brush-vacuum, scraper, pneumatic. Ventilation cleaning can be based not only on a mechanical, but also on a chemical principle, which consists in the use of chemicals that break down fatty deposits. The choice of this or that method depends on the degree of clogging: the higher it is, the more effective and cardinal it should be - for example, this is how the inner surface of the air duct is treated with jets of hot steam under pressure.
    3. Cleaning. After the decision has been made, you can proceed directly to the cleaning of the duct itself. At the time of its conduct, all work carried out in the room should be stopped, since dust particles can fly out of the air duct and get into food or manufactured food products. Work is carried out until all fat deposits are completely destroyed.
    4. Stage  dezinf projections . His turn comes after all the work on cleaning the ventilation ducts is completed. Its purpose is to disinfect the inner surface of the air exhaust system from pathogenic bacteria. For this purpose, special chemicals are used, and they are sprayed by using a cold fog generator - so even the smallest drops of a disinfecting agent will fall into the thinnest slots of the ventilation unit. This will not only complete the complex cleaning, but also prevent bacteria from multiplying in the future.

      Only a comprehensive and consistent implementation of all stages of cleaning air ducts from grease will lead to a long-term solution to the problem. If some steps are performed in violation of technological requirements or without a properly qualified approach, it will be quite difficult to achieve high-quality cleaning, and the problem will return much faster than you expect.