Questions to be Answered While Writing a Research Proposal

  • The following issue questions and areas must be covered in any application for undertaking research that involves both direct and indirect access to vulnerable persons in the housing service, their careers and families, social care service users, and members of council employees.

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    Questions to consider while preparing a research proposal

    Background information

    1. What is the importance of this study? What has other research been done in this area?
    2. What role does research play in adding to knowledge in this area?
    3. What do you want to learn from this research?
    4. How would you go about conducting your investigation? Would you do this study in a group or on your own?
    5. Have you provided full details of everyone else with whom you want to conduct this research, including fieldworkers?
    6. Who are you targeting in this research, and how many people or case files do you plan to interview or read through?
    7. Who are you looking for in this study? How many case files do you intend to read or interview in detail?
    8. Where will the study be carried out?

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    Start and finish your research

    1. Is the research divided into stages (piloting and then main research)?
    2. If so, what are the stages in detail?
    3. Is the schedule feasible?
    4. Do deadlines and external constraints influence it?
    5. How would you deliver regular updates and progress reports?
    6. Who do you think you'd gift them to?

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    1. What kind of data would you be collecting - do you want to count individuals, communicate with them directly, or do a combination of the two?
    2. What primary research method will you use, such as paper reviews, focus groups, face-to-face interviews, and questionnaires?
    3. How would you go about selecting samples?
    4. What is the data collection method that you use?

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    Ethical Concerns

    1. Is there any danger or risk to yourself or the participants?
    2. If so, what steps do you plan to take to reduce them, as well as the potential risks?
    3. How to get informed consent?
    4. What to do if you couldn't get the informed consent you needed?
    5. What would your study look like if it were conducted in an equal-opportunity manner?
    6. What limitations will be in place to allow participants to file complaints?


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