Deep draw stamping operations

  • Deep draw stamping is one of the various metalworking processes implemented by Minifaber. Deep draw stamping is a sheet metal bending operation, which consists in deforming it to give it a concave final shape, usually a box, cylinder or cup shape.To get more news about precision metal stamping, you can visit official website.

    To do this, you first need to make a mold: a «matrix» that gives the sheet the desired shape. Subsequently, the punch (the upper element that pushes the sheet inside the mold) exerts mechanical pressure on the sheet metal, through hydraulic presses, until it is forced inside the mold below.

    The final result, free of creases and wrinkles thanks to the cold action of the hydraulic presses, will be a container with a more or less deep cavity, such as a pot or a can.In fact, Minifaber has made customization its strong point and, thanks to the experience accumulated over years of attentive activity, is able to meet all customer requests, even the most complex, to create the desired finished product. Or, if the design requires it, Minifaber can also produce semi-finished products.