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  • Under the actual guidance from the monopoly supervisor, the payer may complete the internet fine payment using the "Zhejiang Office" APPLICATION, Alipay or even UnionPay Cheap Newport Cigarettes Wholesale on the internet, and genuinely realize the actual "case is actually closed". Over time of test operation, the internet payment associated with fines function to attain accurate information within the account, the neighborhood financial as well as tax negotiation information is actually correct, all of those other functions have been in good situation.

    In Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes Online earlier January 2021, Shaoxing Cigarettes Monopoly Administration utilized the gathered pilot encounter to solution questions concerning the direct link work associated with "two platforms" in most cities associated with Zhejiang land, and marketed the promotion of the achievement within zhejiang land. Up in order to now, Shaoxing Cigarettes Monopoly Management has effectively completed the actual payment as well as punishment in excess of 160 cases using the convenience associated with direct connection about the platform. Online repayment and consequence function is becoming an essential part along the way of monopoly police force cases.

    The appropriate person responsible for the agency said that within the next step, Shaoxing Cigarettes Monopoly Administration can make further initiatives to deepen the actual testing as well as application from the platform, dig the worthiness of the actual payment as well as penalty information, actively summarize the knowledge and methods, and still provide easier Cigarettes Wholesale public support products with regard to retail clients.