Introduction Of Outdoor Wood Wicker Furniture Application

  •    The sun in July and August is hot throughout the year. The so-called Outdoor Push Up Umbrella is a curtain that can block the sun. The reasonable outer box design of the electric awning can reduce external noise. The perfect integrated frame design is matched with the rigorous engineering. The service and quality of the electric awning help it have a good sound insulation effect. Let's take a look at the types of electric awnings?
    1. Ceiling curtain
       It is suitable for all kinds of large-area glass skylight spaces. Because the large-area open design of electric awnings is designed to maximize natural light, it is usually used only in summer and when the sun is intense. Of course, the canopy curtain is also suitable for some private houses with skylights or sun rooms, and it can be operated manually. Electric awnings are common in living rooms and bedrooms. For visual effects and convenience in use, people often use gauze curtains and draperies.
    What are the types of electric awnings
    2. Honeycomb curtain
       It is a kind of sun-shading and heat-insulating curtain similar to the honeycomb. Because the style is relatively high-end, it is usually suitable for guiding personal offices, reception rooms and other areas that need to show their tolerance in the office area. Electric awnings are also suitable for private houses, mostly for sun rooms and skylights. There are two modes of operation, pull-bead type and pull-handle type (skylight type). Vertical blinds are a new type of office sunshade product, which can adjust indoor light at will, ventilate and ventilate, and achieve shading. The electric awning integrates applicability, time sense and artistic feeling. Because of its warmth and elegance, it has become an office building, government agency and public place.
    3. Electric blinds
       By using a DC motor to drive the blade up and down instead of the traditional horizontal venetian blind hand-pulling transmission method, the operation process becomes more cumbersome and do whatever you want. Outdoor Wood Wicker Furniture venetian blinds can use various colors of aluminum, wood, bamboo or PVC curtains, and have the function of automatically turning the curtains, which can more accurately adjust the natural lighting level in the room. It is commonly used in offices and home shading. Partition of hotel and bathroom.