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    As mentioned earlier, if you hold multiple curtain panels, the rods and cords may sag in the center. Adding a center support is the most common option, but what if you don’t want the curtain panels to be concentrated in the center of your space?

    A catheter may answer your question. Conduit tubes, also known as electric metal tubes, will provide sturdy outdoor curtain rods. However, you will need some DIY experience and tools. You can view the full description in this blog post.

    You can also view the curtain track, which can be used for ceiling and wall installation.

    Outdoor curtains hanging in large spaces
    How to hang curtains on your deck or balcony
    Open decks or balconies can create comfort for large and small spaces. However, if you don't have outdoor support beams, hanging outdoor curtains can be a challenge. As long as your deck or balcony has a short fence or wall, you can build custom settings.

    First, find a wooden beam that is high enough to hold the length of the curtain you want. Use outdoor paint to paint the wood in bright colors to create an eclectic atmosphere, or dye it to match the rest of the deck for a more traditional look.

    Tighten the wooden beams at both ends of the deck or balcony. Install eye hooks near the top of each column (be sure to measure carefully so that the hooks are all aligned). Slide the curtain onto the outdoor curtain rod or pipe, and then slide the rod into the eye hook. Make sure the rod is long enough to prevent it from slipping out of the eye hook.

    If you don't want to screw the column into the deck wall or there is no deck wall, you can easily create a freestanding column using concrete and buckets. Collect the following supplies:

    5 gallon bucket
    Quick-setting cement
    Tall wooden beams
    Buy as many buckets as you can-you can leave the buckets in place or remove them for a more polished look.

    Spray the inside of the bucket with WD-40 and coat the inside completely. Follow the instructions for mixing quick-setting concrete in one of the 5-gallon buckets. Be sure not to fill it up, because inserting beams will increase the cement level. Shake the bucket so that the bubbles in the mixture rise to the top. Next, put the column in the bucket. Support it with waste wood to hold it in place when the cement sets. Repeat with other barrels and beams.

    Wait at least 12 hours before trying to remove the bucket. To remove the bucket, tap the side lightly to loosen the edges. If this does not work, use a utility knife to cut off the bucket.

    Alternatively, you can leave the bucket in place and paint it. Another option is to buy a large flower pot to hold the bucket. Fill the pot with potting soil around the cement bucket and plant flowers or succulents to light up your courtyard.

    Important patio curtain function
    Tiebacks allow you to choose the amount of sunlight you want to enter and add extra color and style to your terrace.

    Most curtain panels come with matching rebates. However, you can also use brightly colored ribbons to complement and match your existing decorations. Buy your ribbons in bulk so that you can replace them if they are not used to the weather. If you want to change the decoration according to the season, ribbons are an interesting choice. To get an elegant look, try using tassels as a tie for curtains.

    If your patio has large pillars, you need to install a hook for the curtains to pull back. For thinner columns, you can tie a hook or tie a ribbon or rope to the beam.

    We recommend looking for curtains with anti-rust grommets. The grommet allows you to easily open and close the curtains and is unlikely to get stuck on any protruding hardware. Pull-in curtains with fabric tops can get stuck and difficult to operate.

    Weighted hem
    If you are worried about outdoor curtain panels floating around, you must use a weighted hem. If you live in a windy area, these can make a big difference. However, if you expect strong winds, we recommend that you tie up the curtains just in case.

    Outdoor curtains with weighted hem
    Curtain size
    Choose a curtain a few inches above the ground. Dragging curtains will absorb water and quickly collect dirt. If your space is not standard size, please choose custom-length curtains.

    When measuring the space of the curtain, the installation position of the curtain must be considered. You should always install the curtain rod 2-3 inches above the opening, so you need to take this into consideration when determining the appropriate size.

    Also, keep in mind the width and the desired fullness. When ordering custom curtains, many companies increase the width by 200-300% to achieve this appearance. Standard size curtain panels are usually 50 inches wide. If this is the product you ordered, please buy a panel that is 2-3 blocks wider than your space to provide full coverage without tightening the curtains.


    Custom Hanging Umbrella can change your space, add much-needed shade, and make your house more like a home. Try them in your backyard, poolside deck, balcony, front porch or all of the above!