The Method Of Portable Folding Gazebo To Prevent Deformation


    Rattan Wicker Furniture suppliers’ woven rattan tables and chairs are not only breathable, but also suitable for the elderly. However, some customers report that rattan chairs are easily deformed after a period of time. Why? Here is the staff of Rattan Wicker Furniture suppliers to introduce to you, I hope to help you better in life


       1. Keep away from heating and heat sources. Rattan furniture is easily deformed, bent, and cracked when heated, and the rattan skin is easy to fade. Especially in winter, the climate is cold and dry. It is common to eat hot pots, casseroles and other foods. To prevent fire accidents, you must remember to put heat insulation pads on the rattan wood table.

       2. Keep ventilated and keep away from damp. In the eastern season, there is little sunlight and heavy indoor humidity. If rattan furniture is damp, it is prone to mildew, which affects both lifespan and appearance.

       3. Pay attention to furniture cleaning and wash less with water. The surface and crevices of rattan furniture are easy to accumulate dust, so the furniture should be cleaned regularly. In winter, the indoor temperature is low, and the water is difficult to evaporate. You can clean it with a feather duster, soft brush or vacuum cleaner; if the surface of rattan furniture gets dirty, you can wipe it with a soft damp cloth dipped in salt water, and then wipe it with a dry cloth.

       4. Surface maintenance of rattan and wood furniture. Especially in winter, it is necessary to regularly paint and wax the surface of the rattan to prevent cold. It is necessary to keep the internal moisture of the rattan material to prevent the rattan furniture from loosening; but also to prevent the rattan surface from being weathered and brittle due to excessive cold. The above information describes the maintenance methods of rattan outdoor tables and chairs. I want to know more about outdoor tables and chairs, outdoor trash cans, and park chairs.

       Have you learned how to maintain the Portable Folding Gazebo through the staff of the rattan chair furniture factory? Hope our introduction can better help fans in life?