Air Heat Exchanger Types That Are Very Energy Efficient

  • Air heat exchangers are components that are used in industrial cooling systems. This is a complete machine that has a compressor, a high-efficiency refrigerant, a cold air heat exchanger, an air cooling fan, a drain pan, a low-efficiency radiator and a pressure control valve. It is also called airtight chemical transfer system. In some applications, this is combined with a thermal oxidizer. Some of the different types of air heat exchangers include the following.


    First, there is the open-loop cooling system. These are typically used in cooling towers. A similar type of air heat exchanger is the closed-loop cooling system which also uses the principle of evaporation. Both of these systems use air passages through the system that forces the warm air into the condenser.


    The second type of air heat exchanger is also known as the thermal oxidizer. These types of systems use heat exchanges with the use of an oxidizer. This oxidizer, liquid-like methanol or gas-like nitrogen can be mixed with the refrigerant gas. The refrigerant flows through the process of an absorption curve. The thermal oxidizers have very poor thermal performance and are usually used in applications that need high-pressure pumping.


    Thirdly, there is the enclosure cooling system. This type of air heat exchanger is used to cool air inside of a confined space. These can be used in applications such as vacuum flushing, hot water extraction, chemical plants and other similar applications. However, it has been observed that this type of system uses much more electricity than the other types of systems. This is because of its low maintenance, lower operating cost and safe operation.


    Fourthly, there is the compressed air heat exchanger. This type of air to air heat exchanger uses oil or grease to act as a medium instead of gas. It uses oil that is pressure sensitive and is capable of changing its temperature. This can help reduce the cooling capacity of the system. However, this type of system has low compression ratio.


    So, if you want to purchase a high-performance air conditioning system then it would be better for you to go for the closed-loop cooling systems. These types are very energy efficient and have a low energy consumption rate. Moreover, they provide very low maintenance and they have very low operating cost. They are available in different shapes and sizes and are very easy to install.