Transparency of The Touch Screen Pos Machine

  • The transparency of the touch screen pos machine without delay influences the visible impact of contact money register. All contact display money registers are made of multi-layer composite movie contact pads, which are visually insufficient in phrases of transparency, such as at least 4 features: transparency, colour distortion, reflectivity and clarity. But today’s science is no exclusive when it comes to contact money register contact pads than obvious glass.



    Absolute coordinate device of contact display pos machine
    The touch money register is an absolute coordinate system. According to the enterprise software program software to pick out which direct point, comparable to the keyboard and mouse, the necessary distinction in the software of positioning machine is intuitive. The function of the absolute coordinate machine of the touch screen cashier machine is that the contact display money register is a set of unbiased coordinate positioning device in physical. The statistics of every contact is transformed through calibration to the x and Y axes on the screen. In every day life, we use navigation via satellites and latitude and longitude on the earth, the use of the longitude and longitude axis of south and north, just like contact display screen money register contact positioning in that principle. However, it is required that the output records of the equal factor is steady beneath any circumstances.


    The error of contact display money register
    Touch display screen inaccuracy, flow and lengthen is no longer allowed, such as money register 4-line contact display screen contact pad and money register 5-line resistance contact display contact pad in contrast 4 wire is lots worse, four-wire contact sensitivity impact response lengthen the money register. If injury any of four-wire line work contact display can’t contact the money register. Five-wire resistance contact display screen money register will no longer be unable to work due to the fact of the injury of one of the lines. Generally, there are three sorts of contact response delays of five-wire resistance contact display money register:


    The awful nice contact display screen panel of contact screen; contact display screen money register motherboard, CPU, reminiscence has been reinstalled; the contact driver set up for the contact register is incomplete validation Settings.



    Four kinds of contact display money register
    According to the working precept of the contact display money register, the contact panel can be divided into 4 types: resistance type, capacitance type, infrared kind and floor acoustic type. Each kind of contact display screen has its very own benefits and disadvantages, we want to recognize one of a kind events and work surroundings to use which type.


    1. Resistivetouch display money register (resistive contact display money register consists of four-wire and five-wire). The display is no longer affected with the aid of dust, water vapor and oil, which can be used in low or excessive temperature environment. The touch-screen is pressure-sensitive and can be touched with something from gloves to resistive contact screens.


    2. In principle, the capacitive display screen makes use of the human physique as an electrode of a capacitor element. When there is a conductor shut to the ITO working face of the inter-layer and a ample quantity of capacitance is coupled, the contemporary will be sufficient to purpose the operation of the capacitive screen. Capacitive contact displays require solely one or no calibration after production.


    3. Infrared contact display screen money register is no longer afraid of water,pollution andhas the value gain of small size. It is appropriate for industrial manipulate merchandise and non-public transportable products, however it is afraid of scratches.


    4. The sound wave touch screen cash register is affected by means of dust, water droplets, oil, etc., and the reflection array desires to be cleaned regularly.


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