Personal Experience

  • Personal Experience

    Last month, I participated in an interesting, engaging, and comprehensive training session dedicated to communication and decision-making process in the medical field. The main organizers were nurses, physicians, and representatives of other healthcare staff who wanted to share their experience and knowledge with other people who seek to improve themselves, be more confident, climb the career ladder, and succeed in the long-term perspective. Frankly speaking, I did not think that this training session would significantly change my life and worldview, but I still decided to attend it. I knew exactly what I wanted from my life and I never faced issues with schoolmates, peers, and tutors. However, I feel that attending this training session has brought valuable experience to me as an advanced nurse practitioner  a person who serves patients of various ages, genders, and races in the ever-changing and challenging environment.

    Throughout the meeting, I have learned many interesting things concerning the effectiveness of communication in the medical field. I have also recognized that if I remained true to myself, I would be able to cope with any challenging situation, namely addressing issues related to treatment and ethic and cross-cultural aspects. The main points are the confidence in one's own strength and personality, free expression of personal views, even if they differ from commonly held opinions, and promotion of fairness and justice during the delivery of healthcare services to the patients. Another important issue to consider is to be yourself no matter what. Such an ability makes me different from other people, with whom I work, helps me to make relevant and weighted decisions, and reach consensus in case of conflicts, misconceptions, and misunderstandings between colleagues.

    In some situations, I feel insecure and not confident in my own actions. I was self-confident in most cases, but, sometimes, I was not sure about the outcome, and, therefore, was forced to ask my colleagues for help and assistance. Training has helped me to take a fresh look at many things and events and see them from a different perspective. I have also found the simplicity to be a key to success, recognition, and prosperity in the modern competitive world. Since I participated in the meeting, I have been no longer afraid to attend various events and meet new people. As a result, I have learned many valuable things that will enable me to contribute to the medical field owing to the newly updated experience and increased knowledge base. I prefer being open and express my thoughts and feelings freely even if I am surrounded by skillful and qualified specialists, who might have a distinct view.

    To conclude, the training session that I attended last month not only improved my knowledge base but also increased self-confidence in further actions. I am no longer afraid to attend such events, meet new people, and get alternative vision on current events. The training session has not only helped me to promote communication, but also to control myself and eradicate aggression towards people who are both familiar and unknown to me. Setting a specific goal in my life has enabled me to form a confident and vivid mind. My communication with colleagues and patients has also been improved, while caregiving and decision-making processes have become smooth and effective. This article was composed by Red Gun . Works can see here and i think that help you !