About the Pokemon Company's 25th anniversary celebration.

  • The 25th anniversary of Pokémon is approaching, and The Pokémon Company announced that it does intend to celebrate. This news is also a huge impact on fans. Mainly because this game occupies an important position in the hearts of players. As early as a few years ago, the Sun and Moon were released on the 20th anniversary of the birth of Pokémon, and today's 25th anniversary is usually the middle stage of the 8th generation of Pokémon.

    Although the Pokémon Sword and Shield was only released last year, 2020 is a very active year for the series. To obtain more exciting game content, Sword and Shield released the island of armor and the game's Crown Tundra expansion. Both of these expansions bring new characters and the capture of new Pokémon and combine the ability to capture almost all the legends in the series. While paying attention to the latest games, the mmoso.com website also brought surprises to players. On this website, players can go to Buy Shiny 6IV Pokemon without their favorite items. There is also a MOBA-style game called Pokémon Unite, although it has brought a negative response.

    It seems that the Pokémon train will not stop soon. There may be a 25th-anniversary logo, which looks surprisingly the same as the 20th-anniversary logo. Apart from the release of more details about the 2021 plan soon, not much else was said. The obvious real question is, what should we expect in the coming year? Along with Pokémon Sun and Moon, Pokémon also released a series of event legends in its 20th celebration, so this situation may happen again.

    The response in the announcement tweet indicated that Pokémon is collaborating while using the Kibo Space Module with the first sunrise in 2021. Given that this requires preparation time, and it is indeed a time-based event, it is easy to agree that this will lead to the grand announcement from the highly anticipated 4th generation remake. There is a reason for cooperation in any event. The cooperation of game companies allows players to get more exciting games. Players can also choose to go to Buy Shiny 6IV Pokemon. Although the more likely option is so, it is just a collaborative event.

    Even setting aside the 4th generation remake, this may become the biggest anniversary celebration of Pokémon. There is no doubt that 25 is a huge number. The other is often celebrated by many franchises, so a brand new game will likely be launched. People are very worried that Pokémon will release games for too many years, which will damage the series.