Pokémon fans try to change the name about Pikachu

  • The Pokemon fan list on Reddit has tried to localize the domain name of one of the franchise's most iconic creatures. Although Pikachu retains his name in almost all Pokémon localizations around the world, this speculation gives people an interesting impression of Pikachu.

    Given the huge success of franchising, it is hard to imagine a situation where it was localized for the first time. Fortunately, players can still go to Buy Shiny 6IV Pokemon from the mmoso.com store. Localizers cannot be sure whether their attempts will succeed. They made their best guesses about the Pokémon's name, which will resonate with fans.

    Of course, fans like another Pokemon name. To some extent, some real-life species are named after Pokemon. Most of the original 151 Pokemon have original names in English and other languages, but Pikachu is a serious exception, which retains its original Japanese name.

    Of course, for non-English localization, Pikachu will need a lot of other names. It is worth noting that in the earliest Pokemon games, the first localized name did not always use the same naming strategy. Players participated in Buy Shiny 6IV Pokemon to show their love for the game. In line with this, some of Pikachu's suggestions break through the tradition of combining two onomatopoeias.

    Since the official localization, using the name Pikachu in most countries in the world seems to be the best move. Electric mice are usually the beloved mascots of Pokémon games, anime, and trading card games, and many Pikachu versions have been released over the years. The series can be successful, but it is difficult to assume the role with another name.