Every evolution partner in Pokemon

  • Since its previous launch, the augmented reality mobile game Pokemon Go has developed strongly, and rich content and many items have been added to the experience. Among them, every Pokemon in the Pokémon that evolves with the new star stone is very important.

    Some of these items are intricate and cannot evolve certain Pokémon. Although most Pokémon evolved through Candy, some magical things require additional things. mmoso.com is a magical shop where players can Shiny Pokemon Buy. These settings are special and require additional tasks to be completed.

    The special evolution is the king's rock, sunstone, high grade, dragon scale, and metal coat. These are obtained through daily bonus stripes, PokeStops, or gifts. However, there are several others: Sinnoh Stone and Unova Stone. These are obtained through rewards for research breakthroughs. Unova Stone has specifically developed the potential to develop unique types of Pokémon.

    Pansage is usually a grass-type Pokemon. After enjoying 100 candies, they will evolve into Simisage together with Unova Stone. These function settings are in line with the character, and the player Buy Cheap Pokemon is also one of the ways to get pleasure. Panpour is a water-type Pokemon that evolved into Simipour after enjoying 100 candies and owns the Unova Stone.

    Pansear is a kind of fire elf Pokémon. After swallowing 100 candies, it will evolve into Simisear together with Unova Stone. Lampent is usually ghosts and fires elf Pokémon, which evolved into Chandelure with Unova Stone and 100 Candy. To get Lampent, the trainer must use 25 Candy to develop Litwick.