What happens when Pokémon encounters a new Pokemon?

  • After showing the terrifying reality of Pokémon in its natural habitat, new Pokémon snapshot game screens have become all the rage. After watching the food chain of the series take action, fans who own the Nintendo franchise were shocked.

    In the past, the Pokemon series has made many players happy. Relying on the impact of Pokémon on players, the mmoso.com store began to sell related items and provide players with the Buy Shiny 6IV Pokemon. Fans of every age group feel at ease with the whimsical world and energetic characters of the RPG series.

    One of New Snap's promises is to allow players to truly experience Pokémon in the wild. In the short video uploaded to Twitter, a huge Puget is flying. We will see Magikarp happily bathing in the sun while using water. As its claws extend, the Pokemon bird will catch the fish and take it away.

    Although the use of Magikarp as food is nothing new to your movie series, the playback quality will switch to another scene afterward. The scene includes Frillish wrapping his arm around the carp. There may be various situations in the game, and the player Buy 6IV Shiny Ditto is a good choice. Its brilliant eyes and brilliant smile will certainly not alleviate this situation. Because this brought a certain degree of bad luck to the fish.

    Fans of Pokemon reacted to the clip. The series is no stranger to having a darker theme, where Rocket Rocket harvested Slowpoke tails as food. But the modern high-definition graphics of New Pokemon Snap brings a new sense of realism and is therefore even more creepy.