Rock Button Bits Are Easy To Use

  • Water Well Drilling Tools can be equipped with various types of down-the-hole hammers, which can drill blast holes, pre-split holes, anchor bolt holes, grouting holes, survey holes, etc. of different diameters, depths, orientations, and angles. , It is customary to have wide scale and high drilling efficiency. It can also be equipped with dry or wet dust collectors for rock drilling operations, effectively reducing dust pollution to the environment and maintaining the health of the operators.

    γ€€γ€€ In order to be more suitable for production needs, the drilling depth of drilling equipment is required to reach about 40 meters or even deeper. As the drilling depth of the past drilling rigs has become deeper and deeper, the quality of the drill string has gradually improved, and the energy conversion rate has become lower and lower, so the drilling speed has become smaller and smaller. This is beneficial to the diving channel to solve this problem. The power of the piston rod will not increase with the length of the drill rod.

    γ€€γ€€The big advantage is the perforation of the crawler down-the-hole drill, so insert the impactor into the hole, which will reduce the unnecessary energy loss of the drill rod. According to the different operating environment, the hole drill can be used to divide the drill diameter according to the component of the model, and the sub-machine is divided into surface and downhole drilling rigs. The working principle of the down-the-hole drilling rig is the same as that of the rock drilling rig, both of which are percussion holes. The difference is that the front end of the drill rod of the down-the-hole drill is equipped with an impactor that can be submerged into the bottom of the hole. The drilling power of this Rock Button Bits is very high, and the speed is about 2.5 times that of ordinary drilling rigs. The weight of the submersible hammer channel is lighter and easy to use, which greatly improves the practical drilling power. It can be operated independently by the user, and the whole process is relatively simple to use. It is a commonly used industrial development drilling machine at present. Drilling rigs require high strength and impact toughness.