How To Repair Reaming Bit

  • Reaming Bit is a full drill bit. The drill bit has no moving parts, simple structure, high strength, high wear resistance and impact resistance. The diamond bit has a wider application field. Under high temperature conditions, it can be made of synthetic diamond and cemented carbide at one time. Synthetic hard material, it not only has the high hardness of diamond and cemented carbide, strong impact resistance, but also has great exposure. Using it to make some blades can greatly improve work efficiency. It is ideal for hard rock and hard rock. Drilling. The following diamond drill manufacturers will briefly share with you.


       1. During normal operation, it is strictly prohibited to suddenly reverse or change the direction of operation to prevent the diamond bit from falling off.


       2. When operating normally, there should be no air leakage in the main air duct of the air compressor. There should be enough air flow and pressure to extend the life of the diamond drill bit.


       3. When a new drill is used once, it should be lowered at low speed for half an hour, and then gradually used normally.

      4. Under geological conditions, the axial pressure and speed can be reduced to prevent the drill bit from breaking.


       5. In normal drilling operations, if the drill bit needs to be replaced during the drilling process, it is necessary to strictly check whether there is debris in the hole, and ensure that the hole is cleaned before using a new diamond drill bit.


       6. In order to make the drill work normally and stably, the drill pipe stabilizer should be replaced regularly.


      7. When using a new diamond drill head once, pay attention to cleaning the drilling site to prevent debris from affecting normal use.


       8. Before replacing a new drill bit, carefully check whether the threads and teeth are intact, and gently push it with your hand to see if there is no problem. There should be no dust inside the drill bit, the air outlet should be flat, and the thread should be lubricated. It should be connected by lifting and rotating before use.


       9. It is strictly forbidden to bend the drill pipe to avoid accelerated damage to the drill bit due to uneven force, which will affect the normal use time.

       10. Choose different positions and operation methods according to different situations.


      11. Carefully check all parts of the diamond bit before entering the well to ensure that there is no problem with the bit before use.


       12. Extension Drilling Tools should be properly stored to prevent dust and other debris from entering the drill bit, which will affect the normal use and service life of the drill bit.


       13. The drill bit should be packed in a special packing box to avoid vibration and collision.


       14. When in use, the drill bit should be installed in the spindle spring chuck or tool box. When taken out of the packing box, the chuck or tool box will automatically replace the drill bit. Put it back in the box immediately after use.