Reaming Bit Safety Operating Procedures

  • Reaming Bit construction site 1. Drivers must be trained and qualified before they can operate on the machine. All staff should wear insulated shoes and safety helmets. 2. There should be one driver and one driver, and the driver is not allowed to operate on the machine after drinking or being ill. 3. The driver must carry out the daily maintenance of the equipment and carefully fill in the records of the mechanical condition. 4. Check the insulation of the motor and other electrical appliances before work, and deal with the problem as soon as it is found. 5. The pile driver construction site should be kept away from high-voltage wires (cables) and oil and gas pipelines at a dangerous distance away from the relevant regulations. 6. The landing post should be directed and operated by a dedicated person. The feet and the shoes should be grounded at the same time. The front outriggers should be extended forward. It is strictly forbidden to stand under the posts and diagonal supports. 7. When the pile driver is shifted, there should be a special person to command, and arrange for personnel to move the power cord to prevent collision. When the feet are soft, use sleepers and other auxiliary pads to ensure the ground pressure. 8. It is strictly forbidden to use the upper plate, the shoes to top the soil or remove the obstacles when the pile driver is moving or rotating. Special reminder: Before moving the drilling rig, it should be cleared and cleared in time; otherwise the outriggers are prone to damage to the drilling rig, which will affect the normal construction. 9. The unevenness of the construction site should be less than 2°, and the ground bearing capacity should not be less than 100kPa. 10. When drilling holes, pay attention to adjusting the verticality of the column and ground the feet and shoes at the same time. 11. Extension Drilling Tools work in wind power below level 6. Construction should be stopped in windy, rainy and snowy weather, and ropes should be added for protection in strong winds. 12. During the construction, if the rotating branch of the pile machine frequently stops automatically, firstly, check whether the current scale adjustment value of the integrated motor protector is appropriate, and secondly, remove the obstacles during the rotation of the pile machine in time.