The Advantages Of The Quality Of Water Well Drilling Tools

    1. The quality advantages of Water Well Drilling Tools pressure-filled concrete pile
    2. Strong adaptability: This pile type is suitable for various soils such as cohesive soil, silt, and fill soil, and can be piled under complex geological conditions such as soft soil with reduced diameter, quicksand layer, sand and pebble layer, and groundwater.
    3. The pile body is of good quality: because the concrete is pressed into the hole from the center of the drill pipe, the concrete has the characteristics of compactness, no broken piles, no necking, etc., and has the effect of infiltrating and compacting the soil around the pile hole.
    4. High load-bearing capacity of single pile: As the hole is formed by continuous pressure-grouting super-fluid concrete, it can penetrate and compact the soil around the pile hole, increase the side friction resistance of the soil around the pile, and make the pile foundation stronger The bearing capacity, pull-out resistance, horizontal resistance, small deformation and good stability.
    5. Less mechanical investment: the drilling rig is directly hoisted into the steel cage, which saves crane work and reduces the investment of large-scale machinery.
    6. Material requirements
    7. Cement

           Use 425 slag cement or ordinary cement.

    1. Sand

           Medium sand or coarse sand, with mud content less than 5%.

    1. Stones

           Pebble or gravel, the diameter is 5-30mm, and the mud content is less than 2%.

    1. Rebar

           Varieties and specifications should meet the design requirements, and have a factory certificate and test report.

    1. Additives and admixtures

           According to the construction needs, it is determined according to the test.

    1. Main machinery and equipment

           Use CFG walking series or other Rock Button Bits, with carbide drill bits. Equipped with steel bar processing, concrete mixing and pumping equipment.