Some Selection Principles Of Tapered bit

  •        Tapered Bit of different specifications and models play different roles in actual production and should be selected according to specific conditions. Not only because of its complete pillar models, but also because of its strength and professionalism.
           (1) Reliable quality
           Column rotary drilling rig is a kind of coal mine drilling rig. From R&D and design to raw material selection, from production process to complete machine trial operation, every step is strictly in accordance with the standards, and every detail is done well, after the quality inspectors check it at all levels. , To ensure that there is no error before delivery will be delivered to the customer.
           (2) Complete documents
           The quality of each drilling rig is often only realized after use. If you want to understand before buying and using it, you will generally judge from various relevant documents. Especially coal mine drilling rigs, because of their special applications (mostly used in coal mines), so the first heavy coal safety certificate.
           (3) Personalized customization
           There will be special requirements in some mine production operations, which cannot be solved by the existing models. At this time, special customization is required.
           (4) Safe and secure
           All products manufactured by Drill pipe have been carefully designed, rigorously inspected and tested and professionally installed.
           (5) High cost performance
           Cost-effective is not high, you know by comparison. Purchase Drill pipe to learn about the specific model, performance, material, price, etc.