Top Hammer Drilling Tools Process Introduction

  • Top Hammer Drilling Tools can stably drill in the soft and outburst coal seam, reduce the accidents in the hole such as holding drill and drill pipe fracture that often occur when using ordinary drill pipes. Through the design and improvement of the triangular drill pipe structure and parameters, the three-dimensional drill pipe structure and parameters are improved. The process flow, welding process and heat treatment process of the ribbed drill pipe are analyzed and optimized. The joint adopts friction welding, which improves the quality of the welded seam compared with the traditional electric welding and solves the problem of fracture at the weld seam.
        Triangular drill rods are designed for use with ZDY1250S, ZDY1900S, ZDY3200S and ZDY4000S drilling rigs. The main technical parameters of ZDY4000S drilling rigs (maximum output torque): output torque 1050-4000Nm, output speed 50-240 r/min
        DTH Drill Pipe needs to meet the following 2 conditions:
        ① The drill pipe can effectively stir up the cinder at the bottom of the hole when drilling;
        ②The drill rod can bear the torque on the matching drill rig.