How To Clean The Parts Of Drill Pipe

  • Tapered Bit includes two parts: hydraulic walking pile frame and drilling system. The hydraulic walking pile frame of this machine is mainly composed of top pulley block, column, diagonal brace, chassis, walking mechanism, slewing mechanism, hoisting mechanism, control room, hydraulic system and electrical system composition. What should be paid attention to when cleaning long auger and parts? Shandong Runxing Drilling Tools will take you to understand.
    1. The cleaning of hydraulic accessories should be carried out on a special cleaning table, and it cannot be cleaned everywhere;

    1. The cleaning fluid of the long auger drilling rig can use gasoline, vehicle gasoline and the same type of hydraulic oil as the cooking oil used in the work of the hydraulic transmission system;
    2. It is forbidden to scrub the parts with cotton, linen, silk and chemical fiber textiles after cleaning to avoid environmental pollution of the system software by chemical fibers that fall;
    3. After cleaning, the parts of the Drill pipe should be put into a container with an outer cover, and the cleaning hydraulic oil should be introduced;
    4. The parts that have been cleaned must be properly protected to prevent air oxidation and environmental pollution.