Correct Use Of Tapered bit

  • Drill rod is a kind of drill rod used to connect drill bits and rock drilling tools in mine tunnel engineering. The drill rods generally used in mine tunnel engineering are hexagonal hollow steel and hollow round steel. The inner diameter of the hexagonal hollow steel is 22mm and 25mm. The outer diameter of the hollow round steel is 32mm and 38mm. The steel drill has finished steel drills and forged steel drills. The finished drills are forged according to a certain length and then directly installed with the drill bit chisel. The hollow hexagonal steel is cut, and the shank tail and the shank head are forged with a forging and drilling machine, and then the shank is installed for gouging.

    There are many types of drill rods, and their interfaces are different. The most commonly used one should be Tapered Bit. This type of drill rod is widely used, and the service life of this type of drill rod is relatively good. It can be applied to various types of drill rods. In the mining of similar mines, the actual working life of threaded drill rods is only tens of minutes to tens of hours due to the complex stress state and harsh environment. With the development of high-power and high-frequency rock drilling machinery, it is imperative to comprehensively improve the life of threaded drill rods.
       Several methods to improve the life of threaded drill rods:
    1. Continuous improvement from the structure of rock drilling machinery, for example, from the development of pneumatic rock drills with a big piston at one end and a small piston at the other end to the equal-diameter cylindrical piston of a hydraulic rock drill. While ensuring the continuous improvement of rock drilling speed, the rock drilling stress is changed. Wave shape, and reduce the damage stress acting on the drill rod;
      2. Improve the comprehensive mechanical properties of the drill rod material and the production process level of hollow steel, and minimize the internal and external defects of the drill rod to ensure the high quality and service life of the drill rod. Of course, the correct operation and management during rock drilling, the good cooperation between the front tools and their respective machining accuracy are also the basic conditions to ensure the life of the drill rod.
       The manufacturing process of threaded drill rods is: material selection, hollow steel production process selection and brazing process. The brazing process mainly includes forging, machining, heat treatment, surface strengthening, anti-corrosion treatment, etc. The way to improve the service life of Drill pipe is to comprehensively consider the above aspects, focus on solving weak links, and continuously improve and perfect the process requirements.