Correct Use Of Dth Button Bits

  • How to use diamond drill bit correctly and its structural characteristics

    The industrial oils used in people's daily life are often formed through large-scale mining and deep processing. In the mining industry, better and durable drill bits play an important role as an indispensable tool. Among them, diamond drill bits are widely recognized by consumers as a commonly used type. Due to the outstanding advantages of dth button bits, their life can be effectively extended if used correctly as follows:

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    1. Operate in accordance with the operating rules


    After purchasing a diamond drill bit, users need to carefully understand the operating procedures of this reliable drill bit, carry out strict operations according to the corresponding operating procedures, and pay attention to the relevant operating details in order to effectively prolong the service life of the diamond. For example, when using a diamond bit, it is necessary to ensure that the three technical parameters of drilling pressure, speed and pump volume should be reasonably matched, and at the same time to ensure that the flushing fluid has a good lubrication and drag reduction effect. At the same time, check the matching clearance of the inner tube, short section and circlip seat of the drilling tool to be appropriate.


    1. Pay more attention when working


    When working with diamond drill bits, it is necessary to ensure that the free inner diameter of the circlip is smaller than the inner diameter of the drill bit, and the drill tool must have good single-action performance, good concentricity, intact threads, no cracks, and no bending. In addition, it is necessary to keep the bottom of the hole clean, and it is strictly forbidden for the drilling tool to go down directly to the bottom, and pay attention to the smooth start during use. If the core is blocked and the drilling rate drops sharply, the inner pipe must be lifted or the drill must be drilled up, and the footage must not exceed the length of the core pipe.


    1. Once an abnormality is found, it should be banned immediately


    If you want to extend the service life of the diamond bit better, you need to do daily maintenance and inspection. If abnormal conditions are found in the daily routine inspection, it must be forbidden to use it, and all aspects of maintenance should be carried out in time, and special personnel should be required to operate it.


    From the above, it is known that the correct use of the diamond drill bit of the dth drill pipe factory needs to grasp the above points, and only by ensuring that the diamond drill bit is operated in strict accordance with the corresponding operating procedures, can the safety of use be better ensured sex. Therefore, for the majority of users who have purchased diamond drills, the first thing to do after purchase is to have a general understanding of their operating procedures.