Good Reasons for Using Contuo Sit Stand Desk

  • Standing desks have been available for many years, although they are becoming more popular as people realize the benefits a China Adjustable Table truly provides for the body. Here are top benefits of using adjustable desk.

    Reduce Back Pain

    Back pain is something that 80% of adults will experience over their lifetimes, and one of the greatest complaints of office workers who are seated all day.

    Many studies have explored the impact of using a standing desk on office workers with long-term back pain. The “Take-a-Stand Project”1 in 2011 found that participants who spent an average of 66 minutes of their work day standing experienced a 54% reduction in upper back and neck pain.

    In just over an hour a day, the participants of the “Take-a-Stand Project” had dramatic results. Imagine what standing could do for you!


    Fewer external complications leads to less stress, frustration and chronic pain, which in turn creates more motivation in the workplace. If an employee feels healthier and fitter, if work progresses quicker and they achieve what they set out to do, then they also enjoy working more and can create more ideas and concepts and implement them with increased motivation. More exercise through standing up regularly leads to more employee satisfaction and efficiency.

    Lower your Risk of Weight Gain and Obesity

    We all know that in a general sense, weight gain is caused by consuming more calories than the body is burning. More than 44% of office workers say they have gained weight in their present job, and 53% of those said they believed it was due to sitting at a desk all day.3 What if you could burn calories while working with little to no extra effort?

    Improve Mood and Gain Energy

    Sitting and increased sedentary time has been linked to an increased risk of both depression and anxiety. It stands to reason then, that standing would improve mood and increase happiness.

    Prevents Tight Hips

    Sitting for long durations in a bent position can shorten your hip flexors, a group of muscles in the hip, causing pain. The problem if left untreated can also lead to lower back soreness, another common health problem in employees. Incorporating a height adjusting desk enable employees to switch their work position from sitting to standing position and vice versa, which makes it easier to stretch legs, and release muscle tension, thereby preventing tightness of hip flexors.

    Keep Miand and Body Active

    Sitting at a workstation in the same position for hours can be exhausting. It can cramp muscles and affect the blood circulation, which usually makes employees sleepy. Incorporating height adjustable tables as a part of office furniture enable employees to mix sitting and standing positions while working, which in turn increases blood circulation, relaxes muscles, and refreshes the body and mind.

    Height adjustable desks are suitable for home office workers, computer desk users, students, cubicle dwellers and office executives. So check out a standing desk and take control of your health and productivity! More information plese visit Stand Up Desk Suppliers or site