What do I need to know about medical oxygen concentrator?

  •   What do I need to know about the medical oxygen concentrators?

      The medical oxygen concentrator draws in air from the room and filters out nitrogen. This process provides more oxygen needed for oxygen therapy.

      The medical oxygen concentrator can be large and fixed, or small and portable. The medical oxygen concentrator is different from tanks or other containers that supply oxygen because they use electric pumps to concentrate the continuous supply of oxygen from the surrounding air.

      You may have seen oxygen generators sold online without a prescription. Currently, the FDA has not approved or approved any oxygen concentrators sold or used without a prescription.

      When using medical oxygen concentrator:

      Do not use concentrators or any oxygen products near open flames or smoking.

      Place the concentrator in an open space to reduce the chance of equipment failure due to overheating.

      Do not block any vents on the concentrator, as this may affect the performance of the equipment.

      Check your equipment regularly for any alarms to make sure you are getting enough oxygen.

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