The Mini Car Freezer works by expelling heat from the side vent

  •   How to fix Mini Car Freezer in a van

      Most Mini Car Freezers are equipped with rubber feet to prevent them from sliding on the floor of the truck. However, if you do not secure the refrigerator in place, sudden stops and sharp turns may cause problems.

      The best way to secure the Mini Car Freezer is to extend 1×3 from the side of the bed frame (if any). Measure the size of the refrigerator, and then cut wooden blocks several inches long in all directions. You need extra space to dissipate heat.

      The working principle of the Mini Car Freezer is to remove heat from the side vents. This process retains cold air while continuously removing anything above the set temperature. If the vents are blocked by wood, they will not work properly.

      If you still worry about it sliding in its reserved space, you can do one (or two) of the following:

      1. Put the Velcro strips under the refrigerator and on the floor of the truck, and glue them together.

      2. Put a small strip of fabric between the mini refrigerator and the wooden bracket to reduce the swing space.

      No matter what you do, do not place the refrigerator in the open air. You need some kind of support to stop the movement. It doesn't have to be completely tight; a little swing is enough. The main problem is that it should not tip over or unplug.

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