Plastic Cutlery Tray is easy to use

  •   What material do you like for Plastic Cutlery Tray?

      Plastic is the most commonly used material for making Plastic Cutlery Tray. They are usually cheaper, but equally durable. Some are fashionable, such as non-slip silverware tray storage boxes and expandable cutlery trays. And they are not as susceptible to moisture as wood or metal. You just need to make sure that the plastic is free of BPA and food grade.

      The bamboo tray is another popular choice because let's face it, it looks very cool. In addition, bamboo is a sustainable material, making it an environmentally-friendly choice. However, it cannot absorb any moisture, because that would cause the wood to rot.

      Metal trays usually use a mesh design to ensure that no moisture is left in the compartment and that the silverware is well ventilated. This pallet is probably the most durable. However, some do have sharp edges that may scratch your drawers, or worse, you.

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