The Door Frame Is A Suitable Structure For The Door, Whether It

  •   The door frame is a suitable structure for the door, whether it is a sliding door, a hinged door, or a two-way door. They provide support and a firm frame for the installation of the door. They also form a seal around the opening of the door, preventing airflow and gaps between the wall and the door.

      Door trim strips are decorative wooden strips used to create a more beautiful decorative effect for your door. This can be achieved by creating "panels" on the surface of the door, adding details to the door frame, or covering any gaps or rough connections. Molded products include arch, skirting board, trim, and trim.

      Internal door hardware, also called door furniture, are items such as handles, locks, hinges, and clips. Basically, this is anything that is added to the door to help it function normally as a door.

      Our indoor Hardwood Doo Frame

      When constructing the inner door opening, be sure to work carefully and accurately. If the door frame is not suitable, the door may jam, stick or become difficult to use. On the contrary, a proper door frame will help reduce ventilation and keep you comfortable and warm.

      If you want to buy Hardwood Doo Frame, then look no further. We provide a comprehensive range of interior door frames, door linings, so you will definitely find everything you need for a new door. Just like our doors, our hardwood door frames and door linings are also available in unpainted, pre-painted, or white primer, so no matter which door you choose, you can find a door frame that suits you. We also offer a variety of skirting boards, so you can match them with the interior doors and frames. Choose from walnut or oak, unfinished, white primer, or pre-finished. Our Adjustable Cabinet Feet also has a variety of styles to suit the appearance of your house-simple vibrator style, sleek or decorative Victorian style.

      Select external or internal door box

      Our oak door frames can be matched with stunning wooden doors, so you can create a consistent look throughout your home. Choose from the inner door frame of oak veneer MDF, or choose from the outer door frame made of hardwood and oak. Pre-painted wood is ideal if you want to install it right away, but unpainted wood works well for those who want to paint or stain the frame to give the door a unique finish or color.

      We stock various exterior and interior oak door frames at competitive prices. Our outer door frames and kits come in flat packaging, with weatherproof sealing strips and water bars. We provide mortise and tenon connections that are sized to fit most standard exterior door types. We are confident that we can help you find a frame that fits your door size because our product range covers all standard door sizes. If required, our door frames can be easily trimmed to specific door size. We can also provide door frame screens with a maximum width of 3052mm and a maximum height of 2360mm, so if you can't see what you need on the Internet, please contact us.


      What size Hardwood Doo Frame do I need?

      To determine the required frame size, first, measure the height of the brick openings on both sides and in the center. Next, measure the width of the brickwork at the top, middle, and bottom of the opening. The average value of each group of measurements is taken as the size of the opening. Deduct approximately 10 mm (0.4 inches) of the average height and width. This defines the height and width of the door frame you will need.

      Find more information about door frame sizes in our door frame size guide.


      Not just door frames...

      We provide interior door linings, skirting boards, door arch, and exterior weather strips, so you can complete the door installation according to your needs. There is also a vestibule frame kit suitable for front entrance frames with sidelights, and you can choose doors and sidelights for these frames from our series to create your own entrance.

      Whether you are building a house, renovating a house, or just wanting to make a new look, we will help you. If you want to talk to an expert, please don’t forget that you can make an appointment to visit our door exhibition hall, Monday to Friday or Saturday