Top 7 Health Benefits of Contuo Sit-Stand Desks

  • Sitting for most of the day can take a toll on your mental and physical health, but this is what many office employees go through every day. After a long week, most sedentary office workers won’t even have the energy to do physical activity on the weekends. If this sounds like something you want to avoid in your commercial office spaces, Adjustable Desk may be the answer you’re looking for.

    Increase brain’s performance:

    When you stand, you keep your body active that in turn makes your brain engaged. It improves your blood circulation that pumps fresh blood and oxygen to your brain. It helps your brain perform correctly, increasing your concentration level and improving your productivity.

    They likely help reduce blood sugar levels

    Any increase in blood sugar after meals is generally bad for health. This is especially true if you suffer from type II diabetes.

    However, in one study of office employees who worked while standing for three hours after lunch, the blood sugar increase was reduced by 43 percent compared to when they remained seated for the same amount of time.

    In another study, it was shown that standing and sitting alternately every 30 minutes during an entire workday helped reduce blood sugar spikes by around 11 percent.

    Remaining seated after a meal, meanwhile, is known to increase the risk of developing type II diabetes by as much as 112 percent.

    Lower your Risk of Weight Gain and Obesity

    We all know that in a general sense, weight gain is caused by consuming more calories than the body is burning. More than 44% of office workers say they have gained weight in their present job, and 53% of those said they believed it was due to sitting at a desk all day.3 What if you could burn calories while working with little to no extra effort?

    Improved Efficiency

    Because moving heavy equipment is unnecessary with an auto-adjustable table, you don’t waste valuable time on non-work tasks. Additionally, an auto-adjustable table provides you with the freedom to move around without restrictions, accomplishing tasks more efficiently.


    Height-adjustable tables are ideal for all workers, regardless of work-station layout or job function. All users will be able to work comfortably while avoiding hunching over their work or straining to accomplish their tasks. The greater the comfort you experience while working, the more efficient and productive you will be.

    Improve your mood:

    Excessive sitting causes stress and anxiety. When you stand at your desk, it improves your movement. Your posture has a role to play here. Your energy level will be higher, and you will be in a better mood when choosing to stand at your work.

    Reduced cases of obesity

    Using standing desks from Starego helps you burn 750 more calories every week. In general, weight gain and hence obesity is normally associated with the consumption of more calories as compared to the amount of calories the body is burning. Many office workers are presently complaining that they have gained massive weight in their jobs. The good thing is that most of them have embraced the idea of using standing desks as a way of helping them work out amidst work. Through standing while working, you can burn up to 50vcalories extra every hour. In a year’s time, you can burn up to 3,000 calories which are approximately about 8lbs of fat.

    Height adjustable desks are suitable for home office workers, computer desk users, students, cubicle dwellers and office executives. So check out a standing desk and take control of your health and productivity! More information plese visit Adjustable Height Desk Manufacturers or site