The Advantages Of Copper Magnet Wire

  • Nowadays it is impossible to imagine modern society without electricity. Whether it is about communication, household appliances or means of transport: electrical energy is needed everywhere. And wire is needed to produce, convert, transmit and store this energy.

    Our product has the advantages of good paint film continuity, good flexibility and adhesion. high surface strength. Breakdown voltage is increased compared with national standard. Suitable for manual and automatic winding machine .

    Leading Manufacturer of polyester enameled copper magnet wire, polyester magnet copper wire, modified polyester copper magnet wire, polyesterimide magnet copper wire, dual coated magnet copper wire and polyurethane self solderable magnet copper wire from Xiandeng company.

    Copper magnet wire is used in Ignition coils, Oil filled transformers, Relays, Contractors, FHP motors, Etc.copper magnet wire has two sizes which are SWG - 10SWG to 37SWG,mm- 3.25mm to 0.173mm.

    Packing Details is Taper spools,Parallel spools,PT and DIN (PT-10,PT-15,PT-20,DIN-160,DIN-250,DIN-315,DIN-350.The Advantages Of Copper Magnet Wire