How To Install Plastic Rotameter Correctly

  •   Solenoid Valve Manufacturer’s Plastic Rotameter is made of precision-processed acrylic (plastic) and has an annealed one-piece structure to eliminate leakage and panel separation common in non-annealed molded designs. Easy-to-read scales, rod-guided floats, and limit valves ensure performance and safety. Choose from multiple valves, fitting, O-ring, and float options to suit your specific project.


      Can directly read inch or metric air or water level scales

      Measure the flow of air from 40 ccm to 4000 pm and water from 4 ccm to 20 pm

      Three accuracy levels are available: 2%, 3% or 5% full scale

      A high-quality threaded brass panel mounting insert prevents the meter from detaching

      Can be configured with a control valve (or no control valve)

      Fittings and valves have brass, stainless steel, or FNPT PVC pipe connections for pipe or panel installation

      Detachable backplate and hexagonal head of the wrench


      Durable one-piece transparent acrylic structure

      Large scale is easy to read

      Valves with stop valves remain in place under pressure

      Rod-guided float, stable measurement

      Accessories, valves, and O-ring options can meet a variety of applications

      Multiple connection options make installation easier

      Easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to maintain

      Application field

      Air sampling equipment aquaculture

      Desalination equipment

      Gas analyzer

      medical system

      Photo processing equipment

      Water treatment and distribution system