The Main Function Of Cuprous Chloride

  •    Cuprous Chloride is mainly used as a fire retardant for phosphate fertilizer, wood, paper and fabrics (such as fire extinguishing agent for matchsticks and candle wicks), and is also used in pharmaceuticals. It is also used as a feed additive for ruminants.

       is made of phosphoric acid and ammonia.

       stable in the air. When the temperature is higher than the melting point, ammonia is lost and water is decomposed to form ammonium metaphosphate, phosphoric acid and a mixture. When the temperature is 100°C, a small part is decomposed.

       ammonium hydrogen phosphate compound decomposition method. The process of preparing 8-hydroxyquinoline Copper by reacting phosphoric acid and ammonium bicarbonate, and then reacting with potassium chloride to produce potassium monohydrogen phosphate. It is to feed water, potassium chloride, and ammonium bicarbonate in proportion, and then add the specified amount of phosphoric acid. After fully stirring, adjust the pH value, heat and concentrate to 110°C, cool and crystallize, centrifuge and dry, and the mother liquor obtained by centrifugal separation is concentrated into a multi-element compound fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.