Use Of Copper Acetate Manufacturers Products


    The commercial name of Basic Copper Sulphate is Ludebao, Baoguoling. The original drug is a light blue viscous fluid suspension, with a suspension rate greater than 90%, pH 6-8, cold and hot storage stability, and storage under normal temperature 3 Years of stability, fine particle size, stable quality, can be mixed with water in any ratio to form a relatively stable suspension. It does not contain any harmful impurities, is not easy to cause phytotoxicity, is resistant to rain washing, does not leave any residue on the surface of the plant, is non-resistant, and can be mixed with general pesticides, such as 1605, omethoate, monocrotophos, malathion, Phoxim and pyrethroid pesticides, etc.

    This agent is a low-toxic, high-efficiency fungicide that replaces Bordeaux mixture. It is used to prevent scab, anthracnose, ring disease, leaf fall disease, downy mildew, brown spot, etc. of fruits, vegetables, crops, cash crops and flowers. Blight, white rot, angular spot, leaf blight, blight and other diseases, especially for water-loving fungi, diseases caused by cotton mold and Phytophthora.

    Because the agent is mainly a protective bactericide, it is used before the disease occurs and at the beginning of the onset to prevent the infiltration or spread of germs. The key to the prevention and control effect is timely application and uniform spraying, early prevention and treatment, regular prevention and treatment, and requirements before spraying. Stir the medicinal solution evenly and spray it so that the plant surface is evenly covered with the medicinal solution. Use a 30% colloidal suspension with a concentration of 300 to 500 times and a 35% suspension with a concentration of 400 to 700 times.

    Copper Acetate Manufacturers introduced that it is not advisable to apply the medicine in the morning when there is dew or just after rain; when the temperature is high, the concentration should be low. Generally, 600-800 times the liquid should be used at 25-32℃.