Reasonable Addition Of Copper Acetate Manufacturers Products


    Although Basic Copper Sulphate has been unable to obtain its "name" for a long time, in the absence of other legal alternatives, regardless of whether the preserved egg company is willing or unwilling, companies with nowhere to go can only use Basic Copper Sulphate if they need to survive. (This may be a kind of alternative officials forcing civil rebellion!). In the process of "illegal" use for more than two decades, preserved egg companies have gradually lost their awe of the law and standards, and regarded illegal use as a normal behavior.

    When users of Basic Copper Sulphate technology add illegally, there must be "follow the trend" and "the law does not blame the public" in the subconscious. This process is called "attribution" in psychology, that is, attributing to the cause of the behavior, "why do I want to do this". Attribution is not only a psychological process, but also a universal human need. Therefore, every person can be regarded as an amateur psychologist, and every person has a set of views and concepts of the connection between the causes of behavior and their behaviors summarized from their own experience.

    In the process of attribution, individuals have a clear tendency to protect their self-worth in their interpretation of self-involved matters. The psychology of avoiding harm makes individuals think that they are just following in the footsteps of their predecessors, and it will not do any harm to them. In fact, in the past 30 years, the state has never taken measures against the "illegal" addition of Basic Copper Sulphate, which has further deepened the latecomers' mentality of "adding justified".

    Knowing that something is illegal or criminal, a person may not do it, but if someone in a group has already done it and only see the benefits at the time without corresponding consequences, people will Irrational thinking was produced, and the “additional individual” eventually formed the “additional group” until today.

    7. On January 4, 2010, the Ministry of Health finally "rectified the name" of Basic Copper Sulphate, but the hard-pressed preserved egg industry could not cheer for this because there is no corresponding standard for food-grade Basic Copper Sulphate. Finally, on December 25, 2012, the standard was established, but no enterprise produced it. The reason was even more bizarre: According to the "Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Replacement (Issuance) of Food Additive Production License", the current implementation of the production license management of food additives There are 169 varieties in 19 units, and Basic Copper Sulphate is not included in these 169 varieties and is not included in the scope of certification. An analogy, the way I have to walk every day at my door, someone told me that I can only wear imported shoes, because the country does not approve the production of domestic shoes! Isn't this the tale of sliding the world! I have only heard of protecting certain industries in my country. When does the foreign Basic Copper Sulphate industry need us to sacrifice the entire domestic industry to protect it?

    It is obviously illegal to add industrial Basic Copper Sulphate in the processing of preserved eggs, but before it is clear that Basic Copper Sulphate can be legally added, naturally there will be no companies to produce higher-cost food products through Basic Copper Sulphate! There is no standard for the food additive Basic Copper Sulphate. There is no standard, and no company can produce more expensive food products with Basic Copper Sulphate! ! No production license will be issued, and there will be no enterprises to produce more expensive food through Basic Copper Sulphate! ! ! This shows that our country has its own problems in the legislative process, and our laws and regulations have not been allowed to reach coordination among various departments. For preserved egg companies, they can only ask secretly: dare to ask where the way is. No one can answer this question. Preserved egg companies can only continue to use industrial Basic Copper Sulphate while silent.

    Copper Acetate Manufacturers believes that the preserved egg turmoil will eventually be a thing of the past, but the criticism of regulators will continue. When the public is targeting the producers and regulators in the foreground, if anyone can consider the deeper reasons , This may be the reason for the existence of this article.