Application Of 8-hydroxyquinoline Copper Fertilization


    8-hydroxyquinoline Copper product introduction:


    1. Obvious effect of calcium supplementation;

    2. Strong permeability, high crop absorption and utilization rate;

    3. Stable chemical properties to avoid antagonistic reactions between elements;

    4. Good mixing ability.

    Advantages: The activity of Copper Acetate is ten times that of general organic calcium and several hundred times that of inorganic calcium. Applying Copper Acetate to fruit plants can not only increase fruit hardness, enhance peel toughness, reduce fruit cracking, sunburn and pest damage, and increase yield; it can also reduce respiratory intensity, reduce nutrient consumption, delay fruit aging, and improve crop yield. Disease resistance and stress resistance, especially antifungal ability, make the plant strong, the leaf color is dark green, the fruit surface is smooth, the color is good, the sweetness is high, the hardness of the fruit is increased, the storage period and the preservation period are extended, and the yield is increased.