What is an excellent agricultural knapsack sprayer like

  •   This is an excellent agricultural knapsack sprayer. It is operated by pressure, which is very convenient and straightforward to use. You can use this large and effective agricultural knapsack sprayer very well in outdoor environments. In addition, you can use it for multiple purposes. These include taking care of your garden, cleaning your car, spraying your fence, spraying insecticides, insecticides, etc.

      The shape of the supply bottle that comes with the product makes it look easy to carry. The attached nozzle allows spraying in various modes, from concentrated flow to fine mist. In order to ensure continuous spraying, the product is also equipped with a lockable on/off flow control.

      The main features of agricultural knapsack sprayer:

      Equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap, can be carried on the back

      With a cone-shaped nozzle, fluid can be sprayed in the form of mist and jet

      Contains on/off flow control, you can also lock for continuous spraying

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