What kind of safety equipment do I need when using a plastic ga

  •   How to clean and maintain my plastic garden sprayer?

      After finishing the spraying task, empty the water tank and ensure that all remaining chemicals are properly disposed of. Add a small amount of detergent to the water tank and add some warm water. Close the water tank, but do not pressurize it. Spin and rinse the water before repeating. In the second cycle, the water tank is pressurized and the water is released through the wand. After cleaning, rinse with clean water and store.

      Can I use a plastic garden sprayer to stain my fence?

      Yes, the plastic garden sprayer is a suitable tool for dyeing fences. You will get consistent surface coverage similar to a spray gun. Since fence stains usually have a thinner consistency, they are easy to apply with a sprayer without clogging the system. Spraying is much more convenient than hand-painting on stains. However, you need to make sure that the sprayer is properly cleaned after use, and only then before the stains in the rods, pipes, and tanks dry out.

      What kind of safety equipment do I need when using a plastic garden sprayer?

      Whenever you use fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides to operate your sprayer, please remember to wear safety equipment. Safety goggles and respirators may be required when using certain chemicals.

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