There are two ways to calculate the correct spray volume of 2 i

  •   Knapsack sprayers are often used in gardening to spray small surfaces and hard-to-reach places. Using the right amount of water and reagents is very important to get the best results. In this article, our experts explain how to use a backpack sprayer and how to calculate the correct amount of spray liquid.

      Operation of 2 in 1 knapsack sprayer by the spray machine manufacturer

      Most 2 in 1 knapsack sprayers are equipped with pressure vessels. This provides a constant pressure to ensure that the liquid is sprayed evenly. Some backpack sprayers have pressure gauges on their valves to indicate spray pressure. Constant pressure is important for a uniform spray pattern.

      Select nozzle

      You can install the nozzle on a 2 in 1 knapsack sprayer. There are different types of nozzles, and each nozzle is suitable for different applications. The important thing is to choose the correct nozzle to get the best results.

      Calculate the amount of spray liquid

      There are two ways to calculate the correct spray volume of a 2 in 1 knapsack sprayer:

      1. Follow the instructions on the label for the dosage.

      2. Measure according to the concentration of the solution.

      When using 2 in 1 knapsack sprayer, according to the dosage on the label

      This is especially suitable for spraying on the ground or crops.