Luqingting Expands Its Range Of Battery-powered Equipment

  •   The new Rechargeable Battery Sprayer: a powerful and quiet alternative

      Luqingting expanded its range of battery-powered equipment. The new powerful REX 15 backpack sprayer uses the proven electronic pressure control rechargeable battery technology of the Swiss manufacturer. With this quiet, environmentally friendly model, the company now offers an alternative to exhaust-free high-pressure motorized and gasoline engine knapsack sprayers.

      Soon after launching the Rechargeable Battery Sprayer, luqingting launched another rechargeable model for professional users. The new 15-liter REX 15 backpack sprayer is equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery. One charge, its capacity is sufficient to apply more than 360 liters of spray solution in about two hours at a maximum working pressure of 10 bar. Depending on the pressure and the accessories used, the rechargeable battery can last for more than ten hours.

      Like the agricultural knapsack sprayer, users can also pre-select the pressure of this model. The electronic control system keeps the pressure constant and monitors important pump and rechargeable battery functions. The constant pressure results in a constant injection pattern. This maximizes efficiency while reducing the amount of solution used.

      Zero-emission and silent equipment is powerful and can replace electric equipment. Loud motor noise and the smell of gasoline and exhaust gas are now a thing of the past.

      The new REX 15 has the following technical functions:

      The electric pump generates a working pressure of up to 10 bar and a flow rate of up to 4 liters per minute

      Depending on the pressure used, the battery can last for 2 hours (10 bar) to 14 hours (2 bar)

      Battery charging time is less than two hours

      When filled with 15 liters of spray solution, the total weight of the equipment is less than 25 kg.

      Standard equipment includes a brass trigger valve and a 60 cm brass nozzle with two Duro mist nozzles.