Do you know how to separate the milk tea packaging?


    Garbage sorting is becoming a new fashion in citizens' lives, so how to sort a cup of milk tea?

    If the milk tea is not finished, the milk tea in the cup belongs to kitchen waste, the pearl coconut in the milk tea is also kitchen waste, and the cup, lid, and straw of the milk tea belong to other garbage.

    It should be put in this way: You can pour the liquid into the drain. Excess ingredients can be put in the kitchen waste bin. The remaining cups, straws, lids, etc. after dumping the contents can be directly put in other trash cans. Of course, if you can finish drinking, throwing all the trash into other trash cans can solve the problem.

    Then why are plastic cup lids not recyclable? Because plastic milk teacups and lids, these thin plastics have low recycling value, and they must be cleaned and put out. In order to avoid polluting other recyclables, it is recommended to throw them directly into other trash cans. Up.

    In addition, paper cups and plastic cups that have been contaminated can be regarded as general other garbage, including the paper that has been in contact with oil, and only clean paper and cups are recyclable.

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