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  • The next part of the system, is picking up a bounty task and completing it. Here I describe a possible system. You would get an npc in major hot-spot locations for PvP So perhaps in Varrock OSRS gold or Falador near a safespot on the outskirts of town or in the bank.

    The bounties must be of a player that is within a specific number of battle levels as you. For example a level 100 character cant maintain level 20 combat assignments. Thats just genocide! Additionally the bounties are random, so in the event that you choose one you must meet it or wait 20 minutes to get another one. A bounty is never lost, if a person doesn't do it in a day's time then it is put into the huge bin of bounties. Or if you exchange one off, so your 50k that is down "Blackxp" for example is never wasted and he will die at some point.

    You can also only put a bounty on a participant every 20 minutes, so you cant attempt to RWT it by placing it on a participant constantly and with a friend reap the benefits. (you will never receive a bounty you placed yourself) This may contribute to The Camping system. Members of your camp who have a bounty on thier mind is going to be indicated with an arrow, a large blue one, over thier head.

    I have made an idea to rank your PvP skills. I suggest that it be permitted to be rated on the hiscores system. I thought of this idea to determine how you could compare to other people with PKing. To possess the grading system, we would have points. These points could depend upon: How many Runescape 2007 gold players were involved in the kill. A particular point will be given to each of these factors, and you should have at least 5,000 points to input the hiscores. I think this sounds sensible and it is going to help compare your PvP mini-game scores with other people.