Captain America really wore the word "America" ​​on his body

  • Captain America really wore the word "America" ​​on his body, no wonder he was called Captain America. I found that Marvel really likes to design tights for superheroes, probably because it can show muscle lines, looks stronger and more in line with American aesthetics. CCosplay   The color of Captain America’s clothes is red and blue, but blue still occupies a large area. This blue is the same blue as the blue on the American flag, and this suit actually has metallic lines on it. It will be more obvious, and relatively speaking, it will look thicker. Captain America Costume   Captain America's headgear is half-covered, revealing the lower half of his face, and a big "A" on his head is also a symbol of Captain America. However, the most iconic thing about Captain America should be the shield in his hand. Even the color on the shield is the color of the American flag, and the five-pointed star in the middle is also a fusion of the elements of the American flag.