How To Print Jumbo Roll Subuimation Paper Manufacturers

  • The white kraft paper of A4 & A3 Sublimation Manufacturers is one of the kraft paper types. Usually the color of kraft paper is mainly yellow, natural, white on one side and yellow on the other side, and white on both sides. And white kraft paper is kraft paper with white on both sides. It has the characteristics of bursting resistance, smoothness, tensile strength, tearing degree, and water absorption. So, what effect does the surface smoothness of white kraft paper have on the printing quality?

    The smoothness, uniformity and smoothness of the paper surface is the smoothness of white kraft paper, which is mainly determined by the manufacturing process and the nature of the raw materials, and has a direct impact on the quality of printing. It is an important printing performance of white kraft paper.

    Generally, white kraft paper with high smoothness has uneven surface during printing, resulting in uneven contact between the surface of the paper and the printing plate during embossing, so the pressure generated everywhere is uneven, which affects the amount of ink transfer. , Manifested on the printed sheet is the difference in the thickness of the ink film, and the small dots on the printing plate cause copy failure due to the sinking of the paper, which is the loss of the brightness level of the image. When the expected printing density is reached, it can be observed that the imprints on the printed sheet are faint, the ink color is uneven, and the reproduction effect of the image is affected.

    In addition, the white kraft paper surface smoothness of Jumbo Roll Subuimation Paper Manufacturers also affects the glossiness of the printed matter. The high printing smoothness is conducive to the formation of a uniform and smooth ink film on the paper surface, and can also increase the glossiness of the printed matter and the color is more beautiful. Bright. Therefore, it is necessary to use smooth and clean paper.